Sunday, June 10, 2007

DeckardBR has a mental breakdown.

[03:33] DeckardBR: theres something you don't see everday
[03:33] BilboFett: wtf
[03:34] Ozymandias: What, a female breast?
[03:34] BilboFett: heh
[03:34] DeckardBR: celeb breast feeding in public, hello
[03:34] BilboFett: of course, if you click, its the real pic
[03:35] MoriWatchingMovies: Good for her.
[03:35] DeckardBR: ???
[03:35] BilboFett: reminds me of the seinfeld ep where the guy 'takes it out' to elaine and is disgusted when he sees a mom breastfeeding in a hospital
[03:35] DeckardBR: seriously, thats a private matter
[03:36] MoriWatchingMovies: Yes. Because babies know that you are either at home or in public, and can adjust their hunger accordingly.
[03:36] MoriWatchingMovies: Oh, wait... no, they can't.
[03:36] MoriWatchingMovies: They are BABIES.
[03:36] MoriWatchingMovies: You feed them when they're hungry.
[03:36] DeckardBR: they shouldn't have too, the mothers could walk into a bathroom for chrissakes
[03:36] MoriWatchingMovies: They're not shitting.
[03:36] DeckardBR: its called, uhm, RESPECT FOR OTHERS
[03:36] MoriWatchingMovies: Whatever.
[03:37] DeckardBR: ok mori, I'll find a baby and have one shit in your dinner plate
[03:37] MoriWatchingMovies: Oooooh, the boobie might kill someone.
[03:37] MoriWatchingMovies: What does shitting on a plate have to do with breastfeeding?
[03:37] Ozymandias: wtf?
[03:37] DeckardBR: you brought up shitting, not I
[03:37] MoriWatchingMovies: That's the stupidest fucking analogy I've ever heard in here.
[03:38] Ozymandias: You borught up the bathroom.
[03:38] DeckardBR: yeah because you didn't come up with it first
[03:38] MoriWatchingMovies: My point was the mother doesn't need to go to the bathroom.
[03:38] MoriWatchingMovies: There's no reason for her to go huddle in privacy.
[03:38] DeckardBR: yeah, so when the baby has to shit, like you said, he should just shit right there right?
[03:38] MoriWatchingMovies: If it bothers you... don't look.
[03:38] DeckardBR: right on your DINNER PLATE
[03:38] MoriWatchingMovies: Dude... no one said that.
[03:38] DeckardBR: SEE, SHIT, DINNER PLATE
[03:38] MoriWatchingMovies: Nobody said anything about that.
[03:38] MoriWatchingMovies: At all.
[03:38] Ozymandias: Someone has issues.
[03:38] MoriWatchingMovies: You're on something, aren't you?
[03:39] MoriWatchingMovies: Because no one else mentioned shitting on dinner plates. That's all you, buddy.
[03:39] DeckardBR: I was making the natural extention of what would happen if a baby were allowed to do all of its bodily functions in public, at a RESTAURANT
[03:39] DeckardBR: like Maggie is sitting at
[03:39] MoriWatchingMovies: It's not "doing a bodily function," you dunce.
[03:39] MoriWatchingMovies: It's eating.
[03:40] * JeTmAn ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[03:40] DeckardBR: "dunce"
[03:40] MoriWatchingMovies: Nothing's coming out of it.
[03:40] MoriWatchingMovies: Nothing gross is happening.
[03:40] MoriWatchingMovies: It's just nursing.
[03:40] DeckardBR: name calling, the last vestige of the desperate
[03:40] MoriWatchingMovies: If it bothers you, don't look.
[03:40] DeckardBR: you mentioned shitting moron
[03:40] * MoriWatchingMovies sets mode: +b *!*atpack196@*
[03:40] * DeckardBR was kicked by MoriWatchingMovies (Go fuck yourself, you douchebag. - Invincible - 273)

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