Friday, June 15, 2007

DirtyRatBastard: Who is wakin up tomorrow to say goodbye to Bob
emeraldluxury: Bob?
DirtyRatBastard: Barker
Weresmurf: drb wha?
emeraldluxury: awww
DirtyRatBastard: Tomorrow is it
Weresmurf: ???
• Vertov hopes you all remember to spay and neuter your pets
Weresmurf: Bye to Bob Barker? What for
Vertov: He's retiring
DirtyRatBastard: Last episode
DirtyRatBastard: But for all of you with jobs and whatnot, they will air this morning's show this evening at 8pm
Vertov: Everyone loves him. Except former Barker's beauties and their laywers.
Todd: And Adam Sandler
Vertov: The price is wrong.
Vertov: Bitch.
DirtyRatBastard: Class act, period.
Vertov: again, unless you're one of Barker's Beauties
DirtyRatBastard: Ah, Dian Parkinson is a whore
DirtyRatBastard: A fuckin' gentleman, I tell you.
DirtyRatBastard: God bless him, because you know, the death watch starts now
Vertov: He won't die soon.
Vertov: He drank that same potion Leni Reifenshtal drank. He'll live to be like 100
DirtyRatBastard: Zim, he may, and I'll tell you why. Work keeps people alive. For those of you in the Southern California area, you may remember the black gentleman who worked for LA transit somehwere going on 80 years. Retired at 100 and died 6 months later. There are other examples.
• Ozymandias drinks to DRB's early retirement

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