Thursday, June 07, 2007

hush yo mouth!

[AICNJava0012] are you guys geeks I like geeks
[Ribbons] Trust me, most guys wouldn't think it was inappropriate if you told them you liked them
[Abstruse] Let's's 10:51 AM CDT and we're on IRC in a chatroom talking about movies........
[Ribbons] They might get scared if they don't want to commit to a relationship, but not because you asked them out
[AICNJava0012] cool
[Eb] Ribbons, no offense meant but are you a guy or girl?
[Eb] just wondering
[Ribbons] I'm a dewd
[AICNJava0012] girl
[chewybrain] a d00d that likes ribons
[Eb] oh
[Eb] k
[Eb] my apologies
[Eb] yeah heh
[Eb] ribbons
[Ribbons] It's all good
[Ribbons] Somebody in here tried to cyber with me because they assumed I was a girl.
[Ribbons] Most. Traumatic Incident. Ever.
[Abstruse] Oh shit, I almost forgot!
[Eb] well the name DOES have some feminine qualituies
[chewybrain] that was me
[bamf] What if we try to cyber with you if we know you're a guy?
[chewybrain] i luvved up on him good
* bamf strokes Rib's hair
[Ribbons] bamf - it wasn't so much the assuming I was a girl that was traumatic as the cybering itself
[Eb] woah watch out ribbs, bamf be after you
[Eb] jeez man he;'s gonna kill himself now
* Neil strokes Ribbons' labia
[chewybrain] um
[Neil] they're lovely
* Eb hands Ribbons an ass-guard
[Ribbons] That's it! I'm putting you all on ignore!
[chewybrain] i didn't know he had dogs
[bamf] Hey, Neil. Back off bitch
[Neil] just talkin' about Shaft!
[Eb] wow, i'm so glad i started this
[chewybrain] damn right

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