Friday, June 01, 2007

Joe Swanberg sparks a war!!!

(theremin-at-work) sweet. Someone I know just had their film picked up by IFC
(alexj) theremin, what's the movie?
(theremin-at-work) Hannah Takes The Stairs
(keith) for theatrical?
(keith) or for tv?
(theremin-at-work) theatrically, it says
(ludious) is it about hannah montanta?
(theremin-at-work) yes, and her violent rape at the hands of owlbears
(chewybrain) heh
(chewybrain) owlbear violation is hot

.......Several minutes......

(planteater) So ... owlbear violation. Pretty hot.

......several minutes.....

(alexj) Hannah Takes the Stairs looks like it might be OK.
(alexj) Getting sick of quirky movies about people hanging around in their apartments and having "relationships".
(despin_) what was the last quirky movie about people hanging around in their apartments and having "relationships" that you saw?
(alexj) there you go. What about Somebody? Or Stephen Soderberg's alleged parody of the genre "Full Frontal"
(alexj) The "apartment movie" is the biggest cliche for first-time filmmakers outside the industry.
(theremin-at-work) Hey Alex, Hannah is his 3rd movie
(alexj) That's pretty pathetic if you ask me.
(despin_) wasnt full frontal released HALF A FUCKIN DECADE ago
(despin_) and you;re mentioning it like you;re sick of that kind of movie being released
(despin_) and when pushed you mention a movie that's ive years old
(despin_) they cant be that many being released that you hate if you have to go back 5 years to name one
(alexj) They don't get released often because they suck and the market of independent films is glutted with films of this genre.
(alexj) of unreleased independent films.
(theremin-at-work) actually alex, his other two movies are already sold as well.
(alexj) It's pathetic, but he's up to his third movie and apparently can't think of a better idea than to shoot him and his friends sitting around in an apartment talking.
.......and then, out of nowhere, Ludious to the rescue.....
(ludious) Alex, you have a lot of pent up aggression over this.
(ludious) Tell me, are you trapped in a loveless marriage, when all you really want is a big burly biker man to give you aids?
(ludious) Because right now sir, I'm starting to wonder.
(alexj) I had to review a Canadian film called "ALive and Lubricated" not to long ago and it was easilly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
(despin_) you dont have to review anything
(despin_) go get a job in a factory
(despin_) resent that instead
(alexj) I resent factory jobs too.
(ludious) I'm in resentment from having to read your textual diarrhea you've been spewing all over the chatroom like a scat crazed fat man after a chili eating contest.

Sorry if that's a long way to go for that, but I just about puked up breakfast. Ludious is my new hero.

P.S. (chewybrain) ninja/unicorn copulation is hot.

(don't ask)

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