Wednesday, June 13, 2007

nice melons

[Saffy] Addicted I am visiting my parents and trying to eat as much PA food as I
[AddictedtoBoobs] Saffy, what's PA
[Metal_Kaos] Hi everyone!
[Ribbons] allo
[Todd] Cheese Steak and such
[AddictedtoBoobs] ah
[bamf] And Taylor Ham
[bamf] Mmmmmmmm
[Metal_Kaos] ;)
[bamf] So bad, but so good.
[Metal_Kaos] lol
[AddictedtoBoobs] bamf, you just defined everything I eat in 5 words
[Metal_Kaos] lmaol
[AddictedtoBoobs] Kaos, the sad part is I'm not kidding
[Metal_Kaos] I know
[Metal_Kaos] lol
[AddictedtoBoobs] whoops
[AddictedtoBoobs] almost everything
[AddictedtoBoobs] there are some healthy things I eat
[Saffy] Addicted to Boobs Pennsylvania
[AddictedtoBoobs] ah
[Metal_Kaos] like what???
[AddictedtoBoobs] Cantalope
[Metal_Kaos] that's good
[AddictedtoBoobs] I think that actually might be it
[Metal_Kaos] LOL
[bamf] So when you say you're "addictedtoboobs" you mean your own man-boobs?
[AddictedtoBoobs] bamf, NOT that kind of cantalope
[AddictedtoBoobs] though those are GREAT
[Metal_Kaos] LMAOL
[chewy_] Mantaloupes
[bamf] ...
[bamf] you totally didn't just get that joke
[Ribbons] What does LMAOL mean?
[AddictedtoBoobs] whoops
[AddictedtoBoobs] I didn't mean my boobs
[AddictedtoBoobs] I mean women's boobs are great
[Metal_Kaos] laughing my ass out loud
[laf] lol
[Metal_Kaos] LOL
[Todd] haha Mantaloupes
[Saffy] Moobs
[chewy_] heh
[bamf] I may need to blog that
[chewy_] my moobshake brings all the boys to the yard
[Todd] pics plz

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