Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Return of Lotus

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[02:50] lotus: indeed
[02:51] BilboFett: yes indeedy
[02:51] lotus: fet its bee a while
[02:51] lotus: how are u
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[02:52] BilboFett: better than most, not as good as some
[02:52] BilboFett: how about you?
[02:58] BilboFett: hello?
[02:59] lotus: sorry
[02:59] lotus: oh you know same ol same ol
[02:59] lotus: i live in san diego now
[03:00] BilboFett: have you got a boyfriend yet?
[03:00] lotus: um i met a guy off of wow
[03:00] lotus: flew to see him
[03:00] lotus: was with him for like 6 months
[03:00] BilboFett: ahh
[03:00] lotus: he cheated on me with a grl that looked like sloth from the goonies
[03:00] BilboFett: so it ended :(
[03:00] BilboFett: oh
[03:00] BilboFett: I'm sorry to hear that
[03:01] lotus: came home broke my foot got drunk made a sex tape on accident
[03:01] lotus: and now i live in san diego
[03:01] lotus: ....
[03:01] lotus: thats about it
[03:01] BilboFett: you made a sex tape with some guy while having a broken foot?
[03:01] lotus: got really drunk and lots of pain pills
[03:01] lotus: lol
[03:01] lotus: yay for dumb choices and bad roomates
[03:02] lotus: how are u ?
[03:03] BilboFett: doing good
[03:03] lotus: anything like ^that
[03:04] lotus: is harry married yet?

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