Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SilentWar: I'm from Brussels
Darkcityuk: nice, ever see Van Damme?
Ozy: Give me some sprouts, bitch!
SilentWar: Van Damme is too pussy to show his face here anymore
Darkcityuk: lol
Darkcityuk: would you whup his ass?
SilentWar: He show's his face on the streets of Brussels, he get's a beat down.
SilentWar: He owe me five dolla.
Darkcityuk: i bet he still fights in slow motion and shit
Darkcityuk: and does the same punch 3 times
Ozy: Silent is Van Damme's coke dealer.
Darkcityuk: tsk tsk
AICNJava6323: ill have a pound of sprouts please silent lol
SilentWar: You'll have a pound of something, fruit face!
AICNJava6323: lol nevr ben called fruit face before. is that bad

Submitted by AddictedtoBoobs

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