Tuesday, June 05, 2007

[SilentWar] What's a good film review site that isn't all that well known?
[keith-not-here] SilentWar, I can think of two off the top of my head.
[SilentWar] Let's have 'em
[keith-not-here] AlexJ's website and Vamp's website.
[SilentWar] I hate you.
[Anderson] What are the links, Keith?
[SilentWar] I hate you so much.
[Adam] hehe
[keith-not-here] Come on. You walked right into that.
[Anderson] I really want to read them
[Vertov] I like The House Next Door
[Ozymandias] SilentWar www.theaspectratio.net
[keith-not-here] http://cc.usu.edu/~alexjack/reviews.html
[keith-not-here] there you go, that's AlexJ's
[keith-not-here] I don't remember vamp's website
[keith-not-here] but I'm sure he'll PM you the url next time he's online
[Vertov] that disgustting self-promoting little bitch.
[Vertov] btw, my website is www.themechanicaleye.com
[Moriarty] Here's mine: http://www.capalert.com/
[Anderson] that's awesome
[bamf] hahahahah

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