Thursday, July 05, 2007

so delicious

[bamf] My friend and I were talking about the XBox 360 product placement in Transformers, saying how it probably wouldn't be very fearsome as a robot, it'd just lay over and die with the red ring of death. The Wii, however, would be a formidable enemy and the PS3 would just jump around in front of people trying to get them to notice it.
[JeTmAn] i heard there is a mountain dew machine transformer
[Anderson] Well, at least Peter Cullen gets steady work again
[jed] the wiibot would wield it's controllers like soundwave or blaster.
[Vegas] they should just get Peter Cullen to record every word in the english language in case he gets hit by a bus
[Vegas] "Is Optimus Prime really ever going to say the word fergilicious?" "We're not taking any chances, Mr. Cullen."

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