Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Spykid Tried to Watch It #1

I realize that, chronologically this is probably the 10th time that spykid has TRIED to watch a movie, but saw something in 30 seconds of viewing time that turned him off from the movie, and makes him tell everyone that he dislikes the movie. BUT, I'm finally going to start compiling them. If someone has some (especially the Fight Club one) PLEASE sent them in, or pm them to me. Thanks.

(12:41:41 AM) rahuLL: what the fuck is the internet?
(12:41:55 AM) rahuLL: (i watched jay and silent bob strikes back last night)
(12:52:38 AM) Spykidthe13th: Rahull, I tried to.
(12:52:58 AM) Spykidthe13th: Rahull, I walked in on it and Jay was lightsabering some dude who looked like Mark Hammil's Pankster character in THE FLASH.
(12:53:18 AM) Spykidthe13th: Then, a cop played by Will Farrel inexplicably shot a round perfect hole a la KUNG POW! through a cow (ALSO a la KUNG POW!).

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