Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weresmurf: That Hulk pic, just looks sensational
Weresmurf: Its like they saw Ang Lees and said "Nice movie about a cranky big green man, but we want a HULK movie now."
Spykidthe13th: Were, maybe he'll yell "HULK SMASH!"
Spykidthe13th: Maybe he'll fight a supervillain.
chewybrain: maybe he'll rape a chipmunk.
Anghus: yeah
Weresmurf: Spy, I've got no doubt he'll yell it this time
Spykidthe13th: Were, he better!
Weresmurf: Last time its like 'Maybe we'll have him sorta half say it...'
Weresmurf: This time, they've gotta go FULL BORE with the hulk to redeem him
Spykidthe13th: Chewy, shut up! The only person who rapes a chipmunk is going to be me!

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