Tuesday, August 07, 2007

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AddictedtoBoobs: hi SBX
SilentBobX: Hey AtoB
DeckardBR: hey silentbob
SilentBobX: Hey Deckard
JeTmAn: AddictedToSilentBob?
SilentBobX: Heh, I hope not
Widescreen: ugh
Widescreen: Another King Arthur movie
AddictedtoBoobs: SBX, sorry, but it's true
AddictedtoBoobs: jk
SilentBobX: Heh
SilentBobX: King Arthur 2: Excalibur's Revenge
SilentBobX: Wait, that sounds like a video game
Widescreen: It does.
DeckardBR: I have that game for the nes!
AddictedtoBoobs: heh
JeTmAn: they did have that knights of the round table game
SilentBobX: Not as much as my previous idea for a game on the Nintendo Wii called Hooker vs. Stripper: Beatdown On Pimp Avenue
JeTmAn: final fight-style
DeckardBR: the japanese get adult games, so should we
DeckardBR: damn puritan america
Widescreen: We need a new Final Fight game.
SilentBobX: I've said it before. Censors in America would turn to stone and shit their pants if they saw half of the types of games and movies the japanese had
JeTmAn: if hostel 2 is the kind of movie puritans watch, i dont think i want to see what the uninhibited enjoy

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