Friday, August 17, 2007

jr: Marketing Departments have to interfere or people might realise they don't actually do anything worth paying them for
jr: and would it matter if some people got a few copies early?
DeckardBR: probably not
Ribbons: If you think like that, jr, then the terrorists have already won!!!
jr: I didn't realise Al Queada had a strong anti-marketing stance
Ribbons: Oh, the strongest
jr: I mean, ok , now I think about it they're anti-most things
jr: the only thing they're NOT anti is the Koran, bombs and huge beards as far as I can tell
jr: well, Al Queada I disagree with you MOST STRONGLY on the beards issue
jr: they're itchy and uncomfortable. I go clean shaven. DEATH TO TEH[sic] BEARDED ONES

Submitted by AddictedtoBoobs

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