Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scaring Away Newbies Part I

AICNJava4578: wich of you guys like getting high?
MoriWritingTwoReviews: Nordling does, AICNJava4578. He's got a HUGE heroin habit.
Nordling: I must warn you, now that you're off pot, when cooking soup, don't make your hands into a bowl and hold them over open flame. It hurts.
MoriWritingTwoReviews: He likes to shoot it into his cock. But he likes it better when he gets to do it with a friend. Would you like to be his friend, AICNJava4578?
AICNJava4578: I'll take that into consideration Nordling
MoriWritingTwoReviews: Doooooo it.
AICNJava4578: I'm not a big fan of other mens cocks, I have too much of a hrad time handling my own
AICNJava4578: *hard
Nordling: Funny thing is, my heroin is in pill form, so when putting heroin into my cock, you'll have to put it in your mouth and have the pill dissolve there. Is that okay?
AICNJava4578: um
AICNJava4578: no
jr: you could use it as a suppository
AICNJava4578: thats not okay
AICNJava4578: matter of fact, thats just wrong
MoriWritingTwoReviews: Not in a gay way, AICNJava4578.
AICNJava4578: go to rehab
MoriWritingTwoReviews: Just, you know, one man's mouth on another man's cock so he can get a heroin buzz. You act like that's weird or something.
Nordling: I mean, if it's uncomfortable, you can switch cheeks once in a while.
Ribbons: Some friend you are, Java
* AICNJava4578 has quit IRC (Quit: AICNJava4578)

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