Saturday, August 04, 2007

A really long setup to another stupid spykid comment about chipmunks!!!

keith-at-stupid-wedding: I don't get Nickelback
keith-at-stupid-wedding: they're sooooo huge
JeTmAn_: well
keith-at-stupid-wedding: I don't think they're bad. I just think all their songs sound the same
JeTmAn_: they figured out how to write one catchy song...then they wrote that song like 10 more times in different guises
dmann: tehyre easy
JeTmAn_: i really hate them though
Vegas: I like one song by Nickelback. Usually, no matter how much I hate a band, eventually they'll make one song I like.
JeTmAn_: i liked their first hit
Vegas: But not always.
JeTmAn_: then i got really tired of them
JeTmAn_: they just aren't worth the attention they get
JeTmAn_: like most popular bands
keith-at-stupid-wedding: so I'm at this crazy chinese wedding for my girlfriend's sister
Vegas: for instance, the Black Eyed Peas could make albums from now until the Texans win the Super Bowl, and I won't ever like a single fucking note they shit out.
JeTmAn_: they were always touted as one of the groups that redeemed rap. like the roots
keith-at-stupid-wedding: JeTmAn, they were backpacker rap before Fergie, if that's what you mean
keith-at-stupid-wedding: Their early stuff was kind of lesser Tribe
keith-at-stupid-wedding: their stuff right before Fergie was pretty good, and very backpacker
Vegas: Jetman, they were touted as a refreshingly positive rap group. Like Common. And like Common, they were boring as fuck.
Vegas: now they're annoying as fuck.
JeTmAn_: did they use chipmunk backing vocals like common
keith-at-stupid-wedding: THat's more Kanye than Common
JeTmAn_: it certainly stuck out to me a lot more in common's music than kanye's
keith-at-stupid-wedding: JeTmAn, kanye produced COmmon's music that has it
keith-at-stupid-wedding: Common's music prior to Kanye didn't have it
JeTmAn_: i know
JeTmAn_: i just don't remember hearing that on kanye's own albums
keith-at-stupid-wedding: he does it a lot
keith-at-stupid-wedding: speeding up old soul/r&b samples for choruses
JeTmAn_: it was good for one song
Spykidthe13th: Wait, chipmunk backing vocals!?
Spykidthe13th: :)
theremin-at-work: shoot me
Spykidthe13th: Oh, you know you love it, theremunk.

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