Monday, August 06, 2007

Spykidthe13th: I have one of the most sensitive sense-of-smell impulses ofanyone I've ever met.
Spykidthe13th: I tend to say "Oh, hey, looks like somebody ran over a skunk."
Spykidthe13th: And everyone will say "What?"
pr: Spykid probably has hell of a time going down on moset women
Spykidthe13th: And then two hours later they'll all go "Oh!"
* Spykidthe13th pukes.
Spykidthe13th: I don't honestly know if I could ever do that, pr.
Ozymandias: Those Moset women are foul.
Spykidthe13th: Moset?
Spykidthe13th: What's that?
Ozymandias: Better you not know.

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