Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anghus: dude
Anghus: shoot em up was fucking mental
Kwame: Ang: no spoilers!!
Anghus: spoilers in shoot em up
Anghus: ummmmmmmmmmm
Anghus: people get shot
Kwame: BOOT 'IM!!
* Anghus was kicked by Anghus (DONT FUCKING SPOIL BITCH)

A few minutes later

Wildcat: wb Anghus. Your antics earned a spot on the blog
Anghus: my antics
Anghus: ?
Anghus: i was just kicking out a troublemaker
Anghus: who happens to be me
Reverend: you sure showed you, anghus
Anghus: yeah
Anghus: i better keep my nose clean
Anghus: or im gonna kick the shit out myself

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