Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kent and Reverend having an argument

Reverend: gee, kent, I wonder why you are single...o, wait, I already know
Kent: Reverend - no: I said I just don't understand people who don't take care of their bodies
Kent: lol, who says I'm single
Reverend: it's obvious
Kent: You should adjust your 'dar
Ribbons: Gaydar?
Kent: I was hoping Reverend would fall for that Ribbons, but that's ok
Kent: you can be gay too
Reverend: kent, people like your {sic} are transparent, so I am not falling for any of it
Wildcat: wow
Kent: lol
dmann: your mom is transparent!
* Kent reminds Reverend of a few moments ago where he accused me of being too quick to judge without adequate information
dmann: lol
Ribbons: I can be gay too?!
* Ribbons hugs Kent
Kent: I think Reverend has a crayon up his nose. Who's with me!
Kwame: Ribb: PLEASE, do!
Kent: Ribbons, the Gay way is awesome!
Kwame: let bamfy tell him.....
Reverend: I am judging you on how you chose to be behave and the way you belittle others, whereas you judge people on their age and whether they master html or not
Reverend: though I wouldn't expect you to understand that
Kent: wow you're still upset because I made fun of your next victim?
Reverend: total lack of substantial arguments
Kent: I mean, girlfriend
Kent: who's debating?
Kent: When we have a debate I'll debate
Kent: When I'm making fun of you, then it's open season
Anghus: heh heh
Reverend: there you go again, kent, yet another insult instead of saying anything substantial
Kent: oh I have nothing substantial to say at all
Reverend: too busy being in love with yourself to say anything remotely intelligent
Kent: I have a crayon up my nose
Reverend: yeah, I noticed
Kent: I have a crayon up my nose
Reverend: you're pathetic
Kent: I have a crayon up my nose
Ribbons: Lifetime warrantee? How can I lose?!
Wildcat: i would eat that crayon for $5

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