Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kentrel's smugness

DarKtonGue: you are certainly snobbish aren't you?
Kentrel: Yes
Kentrel: And proud of it
Kentrel: I'm also smug
DarKtonGue: why is that?
DrSpaceman: grade A douchebag
Kentrel: Very smug, and have been banned from this very chatroom because the pride I take in my smugness
Kentrel: A+
DarKtonGue: it is quite a likable trait
DarKtonGue: I imagine you have read how to win friends and influence people several times over
Kentrel: Yes, and I laughed an evil laugh all the way through
DarKtonGue: so you are kinda backward aren't you?
Kentrel: Well, I'm fluent in Flimflam

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