Tuesday, September 04, 2007

* Mohels smacks KentrelAlphal
Mohels: What did I TELL YOU?!?
KentrelAlpha1: Uh... Something.. about ... um...
* Mohels smacks KentrelAlphal again
Mohels: Don't stutter, bitch, what'd I TELL YOU?!?
Eb: "don't play black, if you don't want a smack"
Tequila: that he is sexy?
KentrelAlpha1: Uh... Don't eat yellow snow?
AddictedtoBoobs: rofl
KentrelAlpha1: Oh, I AM sexy.
Eb: that's what you SHOULD have told thim
Tequila: sexy in the mind of the rat population of France
Mohels: Don't make me smack you, Eb.
* Tequila smacks Eb
* Mohels smacks Tequila
Mohels: Don't be smackin' people!
* KentrelAlpha1 smacks Mohels
* Mohels grabs KentrelAlphal and shakes him like a crying baby
* Tequila smacks Mohels
* Mohels smacks Eb
* KentrelAlpha1 smacks his lips

Mohels: See what you started!
Tequila: I didn't start anything Mo
KentrelAlpha1: Mwuuuah!
* Mohels smacks Tequila
* Tequila smacks Mohels
* Eb Grabs Mohels and shakes him til he resembles Michael J Fox on a particularluy bad day
* Mohels points an AK at Eb
* Tequila grabs Mohels Ak and shoots Vertov

RaretowN: eb you leave michael j alone
* Mohels smacks Tequila
Eb: oi - leave poor vert outta this
* Tequila smacks Eb
* Mohels grabs AK and aims at Tequila

Eb: Mohels is da instigatah
Mohels: I'm getting out of this joint, see.
* Tequila pulls out a grenade and sticks it down Mohels pants
Eb: he knows no love for his peeps down on da streetz
* Mohels cums and sends the grenade flying into Jacob's mouth
Kentrel: wow, Zoolander is still very watchable after all these years
* Tequila watchs in amazement as Jacob swallows
* Jacob has quit IRC (Quit: Jacob )
Eb: SEE - you've chased the only genuinely innocent soul outtathe room
Tequila: Innocence has no room here
Eb: i hope you let Michael Bay suck you off beforehand so Jacob can taste TRUE GREATNESS
* Mohels smacks Eb

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