Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scaring Away Newbies Part II

* AICNJava1022 has joined
AICNJava1022: i love robert downey jr wish i was with him in those kissing scenes
AICNJava1022: im lisa
Weresmurf: hi lisa
AICNJava1022: hello all rdjr fans
Fishbulb: heh
Fishbulb: this is going to be interesting, I can tell
AICNJava1022: yes it is
AICNJava1022: i had this dream last night about me and robert downey jr
AICNJava1022: hmmmmm it was interesting
AICNJava1022: i got to meet him but only for a few moments
Nordling: I met him.
Nordling: I met him at Disney World.
AICNJava1022: did u really
Nordling: And two weeks later he snuck into that little kid's bedroom all coked up.
Nordling: I like to think I had something to do with that.
AICNJava1022: i think i would faint if i ever met him
AICNJava1022: its sad when i here things like that
AICNJava1022: alot of actors think they have this addiction to certain things
AICNJava1022: he is married now and has a great wife and son
AICNJava1022: he is doing better much than before
AICNJava1022: im happy for him i really hope things work out for the best for him
Nordling: He won't return your calls either?
Nordling: I drive past his house and everything. It's so rude when he won't return my calls.
AICNJava1022: i wish i could pull him aside and tell him that he is a great guy and it was so nice meeting him
Nordling: I even left him a present on his doorstep. It was difficult wrenching the cat's head off with my own hands, but I did it. Using a knife just seemed so impersonal.
Weresmurf: Nordling youve stepped up from sperm and feces in flaming bags eh
Nordling: That was Tuesday. Now, it's cat's heads.
Weresmurf: Whats next monday? I was going to suggest koala gizzards...
Nordling: I'm thinking some sort of endangered species.
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