Wednesday, October 10, 2007

dmann: no more than TRANSFORMERS was meant to make people jerk it to robots
plAnt: No one would object to the phrase "Robot-fighting-porn"
dmann: you sure
plAnt: the "porn" part means that all other considerations are secondary to the pleasure of watching robots fight.
dmann: no
dmann: PORN means it GIVES YOU A HARD ON
plAnt: Not literally, dmann.
dmann: it means it has some sort of viseral erotic thrill
dmann: YES
dmann: thats what porn means
dmann: LITERALLY that is what PORN MEANS
plAnt: No, it isn't.
plAnt: People can watch porn without getting a hard on.
dmann: if you called it TORTURE HORROR, it wouldnt be bad
dmann: the PURPOSE of porn is to erotically titilate, and most times GIVE MEN A HARDON
Anderson: I know Porn when I see it
dmann: jesus
Anderson: that's what Porn means
Todd: "Torture porn" is some knee jerk catch phrase that doesn't mean anything
Todd: the end
dmann: i know you wanna use it, but for the last time, its a fucking ASSHOLE THING TO DO, you KNOW its adding NOTHING to the dialogue but INSULTING people who liked a film you didnt
Saffy: What about Erotica? Because damn...there are vampire movies ( bite and all) that blow my MIND.
Eb: have you guys seen the Danny Donaduce body slam video ?
Eb: *Bonaduce
dmann: its not the same as "chick flick" its the same as "DUMB CUNT FLICK"
dmann: does anyone object to that
SilentBobX: Bonadouche'?
Eb: Todd - go check it out on youtube, prepare yourself for last Thursday;s show
* Todd welcomes Eb to last week
Eb: yeah that one bob
Todd: I saw it
Eb: hah you said you were behind
Eb: so who are you siding with?
Todd: On the show
plAnt: I dunno, dmann, there are so few films to which the phrase can be applied ...
Eb: yeh
Saffy: I would actually like some more vampire erotica...
dmann: you dont think people who liked the notebook will be offended, and probably stop discussing the film, and get into a big long discussion of the term i used if i start calling say, Kate Hudson RomComs "Dumb Cunt Flicks"
Eb: man they were screaming at each other over it
Anderson: I could see that at Blockbuster
dmann: even though i dont mean that THEY are dumb cunts, just that Kate Hudson is
Eb: just imagine though if that fairplay twat had broken his neck
Anderson: Paramount presents "D.C. Flix"
Anderson: for chix who don't read so good
Eb: was a prety neat move all in all

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