Monday, October 29, 2007

Regarding Sex

Kent: I got into an argument with a girl last night. She was telling me about some guy she works with who has a tiny penis, and laughing about it
Kent: i asked her how she saw it, and she said she made out with him
Kent: I said "huh?"
Kent: Then she said, "well naked"
Kent: So I said, "oh so you had sex with him?"
Kent: "NO! It was just making out and fooling around"
Kent: so i said "Did he give you oral?"
Kent: "Yes"
Kent: "Did you give him oral?"
Kent: "Yes"
Kent: "So that's pretty much sex... at least closer to sex than it is to making out!
Kent: What do you girls think. This is a common thing I hear from women
Todd: And then you said "Cmon Mom, go home"
Kent: Todd, It was Grandma
justcheckin: well... i consider oral to be sex
justcheckin: foolin or no foolin
justcheckin: Clinton had sex
Kent: I agree jc
Kent: Do you think that's a common view among women?
Kent: It seems to be the opposite amongst girls I know
justcheckin: i dunno
Todd: If she saved the dress
Todd: She considered it real
justcheckin: i think some people believe sex = intercourse
justcheckin: I think the name "oral sex" speaks for itself
justcheckin: it is all sexual
Kent: well yeah
Kent: my view is if someone orgasms and you're doing something that you could catch an STD doing then it's sex
justcheckin: yep
justcheckin: same here
Kent: I called the Sexual Health Clinic today actually to make an appointment for a routine checkup
Kent: The woman on the other end said "We're booked up until the 9th, but... I can refer you to the Gay Man's clinic"
Kent: I held the phone for a moment, confused
Todd: My veiw is...if someon'es fluid gets on your clothes? You wash them
Kent: I stuttered my reply "Do.. I um.. have to be gay to attend that?"
Kent: she replied "Oh you're NOT gay? Oh... "
Kent: lol wtf?
justcheckin: lol kent
Kent: Todd, women are weird. They'll keep men's clothes and NEVER wash them
Todd: yuck
Kent: jc was kind enough to at least let me keep my boxers before she kicked me out
Kent: Aint she a sweetheart
Todd: The inside of my sleeve might have ten boogers and pubic hairs
justcheckin: :D that is me, sweet
justcheckin: um ewwwww TODD
* justcheckin doesn't want Todd's clothes
Todd: See?
Todd: You shouldn't
* justcheckin only likes my own boogers
justcheckin: oh and my own pubes
justcheckin: i'm not down with OPP (other people's pudes)
justcheckin: *pubes

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