Sunday, November 04, 2007

[04:15am] AICNJava3354 joined the chat room.
[04:15am] AICNJava3354: uh
[04:15am] FreshG joined the chat room.
[04:16am] AICNJava3354: YELLOW?
[04:16am] FreshG: yah?
[04:16am] AICNJava3354: just checkin to see if anyone was in here
[04:16am] AICNJava3354 left the chat room. (Quit: AICNJava3354)
[04:17am] FreshG: fag
[04:17am] AICNJava1445 joined the chat room.
[04:17am] AICNJava1445: say
[04:17am] AICNJava1445: HOW DOES I CHANGE MY NAME?
[04:17am] FreshG: you probably have to go to court
[04:17am] AICNJava1445: lol
[04:17am] AICNJava1445: so
[04:17am] AICNJava1445: I herd Bruce Willis was in here once
[04:18am] FreshG: his toupee comes to chat
[04:18am] AICNJava1445: his hell toupee?
[04:18am] AICNJava1445: so FreshG are you one of the writers here or sumthun?
[04:19am] FreshG: god no
[04:19am] AICNJava1445: hah
[04:19am] AICNJava1445: a
[04:19am] FreshG: i refuse to watch bee movie
[04:19am] AICNJava1445: yeah
[04:19am] AICNJava1445: shit sux
[04:20am] FreshG: I can't BEE bothered
[04:20am] AICNJava1445: it looks like a BEECE of shit
[04:20am] FreshG: Am I bothered?
[04:20am] AICNJava1445: no, you're funny
[04:20am] FreshG: face, bothered, face, bothered... can't stop watching that show
[04:21am] FreshG: okay my feet hurt im going to bed take it easy man
[04:21am] AICNJava1445: like a clown
[04:21am] AICNJava1445: YOU AMUSE ME
[04:21am] FreshG left the chat room. (Quit: )
[04:21am] AICNJava1445:
[04:21am] AICNJava1445:
[04:21am] AICNJava1445: well.....fuck
[04:23am] AICNJava1445: :(:(:(
[04:25am] AICNJava1445: shit, no one's fucking in here?
[04:26am] AICNJava1445: SHENANIGANS!
[04:26am] Marko: try /nick yournickname
[04:27am] AICNJava1445 is now known as Shenanigans.
[04:27am] Shenanigans: cool, thanks
[04:28am] Shenanigans: SHENANIGANS!
[04:44am] Kent: This is a chat room, not a fucking room
[04:47am] plAnteater joined the chat room.
[04:49am] Shenanigans: FUCK YO COUCH NIGGA! FUCK YO COUCH!
[04:49am] Shenanigans left the chat room. (Quit: Shenanigans)
[04:50am] plAnteater: I suspect Shnanigans
[04:59am] Kent: How do I fuck a couch?
[05:08am] plAnteater: I suspect the cracks in the cushions provide the necessary inlet

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