Monday, November 12, 2007

[12:10am] blat: okay everyone line up there best single word insult.
[12:10am] Yu: fucktard
[12:11am] blat: nice
[12:11am] Vertov: cuntface
[12:11am] Yu: simple and to the point
[12:11am] Yu: douchebag
[12:11am] Vertov: nipplehead
[12:11am] Ozymandias: fuckwipe
[12:11am] blat: cumbreath
[12:11am] emeraldluxury: blowhole
[12:11am] Vertov: geekstain
[12:11am] Yu: dickwad
[12:11am] Yu: shithead
[12:11am] emeraldluxury: penisbreath
[12:11am] blat: poohtube
[12:12am] blat: hmm, some of these are dangerously close to two words
[12:12am] emeraldluxury: fartface
[12:12am] Ozymandias: telemarketer
[12:12am] blat: lol
[12:12am] blat: poohpusher
[12:12am] Yu: lol telemarketer
[12:12am] blat: turdburglar
[12:12am] emeraldluxury: I think Ozy wins
[12:12am] blat: ok ozy wins
[12:13am] blat: georgebush
[12:13am] Yu: I was thinking that...
[12:13am] Yu: manncoulter
[12:13am] Yu: 2 words though
[12:13am] blat: yup
[12:13am] emeraldluxury: bushlover?
[12:13am] Yu: that might be a compliment
[12:13am] emeraldluxury: that could mean two different things
[12:13am] Yu: yea
[12:14am] blat: yeah one good
[12:14am] blat: one bad
[12:14am] Yu: I guess someone who loves G.W. would think it was a compliment

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