Friday, November 16, 2007

The Future Is Not Shit...

Bishop359- I have a question...
Bishop359- As far as next gen game systems are concerned what is everyone's personal favorite and why
Anderson- PS3 because it'll stop Skynet
OldGregg- x360 because it will encourage skynet to develop and crush gamers like anderson
OldGregg- i want 7 ft killer robots pissing through his letterbox by 2015
Anderson- Skynet isn't your friend, Rare
Anderson- Skynet wants to turn your into a battery
OldGregg- id rather be the battery than the discarded wrapping anders
Anderson- You got problems, Rare
OldGregg- i got you babe
Anderson- No, you don't
OldGregg- you are the waking radio song in the groundhog day that is my existence in aicn chat
*** Bishop359 has quit (Quit: Bishop359)
Anderson- you thought a little too much about that
OldGregg- so?
OldGregg- it still far outweighs the weak ass lines you're coming out with
OldGregg- nooch
Anderson- Why don't you listen to Judas Priest and get when of your little Ren Fair buddies into a suicide pact?
OldGregg- whats a ren fair mommy?
Grendy- damn!
* Grendy just realized that she forgot to celebrate her Divorce-a-versary!
Grendy- it was 2 days ago!
* OldGregg is watching BLACK WATER
OldGregg- yay for killer croc films
Grendy- someone should say Happy Divorceaverseray
OldGregg- joyeaux divorcerais
OldGregg- sounds better in french
Anderson- Renaissance Fair, slick
Grendy- oui mon cher, it does
Grendy- Anderson...what's yer beef w/ ren faires>?
Anderson- They piss me off
Anderson- The past is the past
Anderson- stick to the future
Anderson- jetpacks, ray guns and Rocketeers
OldGregg- true true
OldGregg- the past bears no signifigance to the future whatsoever
OldGregg- these things would have happened without its help
* Grendy can't take the idiocy of Anderson...
OldGregg- i still have no idea what a ren fair is
* Grendy slaps Anderson with the common sense stick
OldGregg- can you get stimpy fests?

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