Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reign Over Me

[12:36] vegas> okay, how fucking long is Reign Over Me?
[12:36] vegas> because it's seriously worn out its welcome over the last twelve hours.
[12:37] vegas> and the third act is completely so not ever going to happen it's just ridiculous
[12:43] vegas> I've lost people too. But that doesn't mean movies should get away with being paced horribly, or having a guy pull a GUN on a COP after 9/11 and NOT GET SHOT, then fucking RELEASED.
[12:43] vegas> that's...NOT going to happen.
[12:44] theremin-at-work> hahah....the one thing any good drama needs is a courtroom scene.
[12:44] theremin-at-work> and Vegas, the cop didn't shoot because there was a black man in the way
[12:45] vegas> it's just, it starts out pretty okay, then just gets annoying
[12:45] vegas> and then goes from annoying to bad, then from bad to cloying
[12:47] theremin-at-work> how sad is he?
[12:47] theremin-at-work> he is SO SAD, he might need professional help
[12:47] plant> Heh. This sounds like why I can't stand Morrissey, other than in small doses.
[12:47] theremin-at-work> he's so sad, fresh baked cookies don't cheer him up.
[12:48] vegas> oh wow! Now I'm at the courtroom scene, and the lawyer is RYAN FROM THE OFFICE!
[12:48] vegas> now this movie is just hilarious.
[12:48] theremin-at-work> he's so sad, 21 Grams looks to him for a pick me up
[12:48] vegas> sorry to spoil this, but I consider these to be more warnings than spoilers.
[12:48] theremin-at-work> he's so sad, it's like it's raining in his heart, and they don't even make umbrellas that small.
[12:49] vegas> he's so sad, it's like someone is kicking him in the grief bone with a steel toed boot.
[12:50] theremin-at-work> he's so sad, if he got rabies, and they had to shoot him, you'd be happy his pain is over.
[12:50] vegas> they're arguing in court about a lamp.
[12:50] vegas> okay, I'm changing my netflix rating. I just don't know whether to change it to one star or five.
[12:50] theremin-at-work> he's sadder than africa.
[12:51] vegas> he's sadder than a baby with AIDS and no lollipop.
[12:51] vegas> fuck him.
[12:51] theremin-at-work> he's so sad he's unable to interact with people on an emotional level.
[12:51] theremin-at-work> oh, that's a lot of people, nevermind.
[12:51] vegas> he's sadder than me after seeing I spent two and a half hours of my short life watching this.
[12:52] vegas> okay, it's now one.
[12:52] vegas> one frakkin' star.
[12:54] theremin-at-work> he's sadder than the fat chick at prom
[12:57] theremin-at-work> he's sadder than a guy who lost his whole family on 9/11
[12:59] vegas> he's sadder than 50 Cent watching the Notebook.
[13:00] vegas> he's sadder than goth porn.
[13:00] neil> The Saddening
[13:00] neil> starring Sadam Sadler
[13:00] vegas> lol
[13:01] vegas> he's sadder than Saddy McSadderson


[13:30] reverend> now, toss some sarcasm about my grammar mistakes this way
[13:31] chewy> if sarcasm was electricity i could sell it back to the grid and not work a square job
[13:32] theremin-at-work> if the power of sarcasm could be harnessed, I would have enough power to make Adam Sandler happy again..

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