Thursday, December 13, 2007

Update from Adam's Sister.

This is info combined from Adam's Sister's post on myspace and her comment left here.

Thanks for a nice posting.

It has been a rough time for us all. I do want to thank all of Adam's friends for relaying such kind thoughts to both Pete & I as we all reel from this profound loss. Adam made a huge impact on all of our worlds.

An initial diagnosis from the ME seems to be "aortic dissection", contributed to by "marfan syndrome". You can visit or

Bela is safe and as happy as he could be with one of Adam's neighbors.

We indeed will have a gathering of friends and family near our "childhood home". It will be Saturday, December 22 at 2pm.
Please come and share your memories!
Once again, THANK YOU for all of your support.

I don't have the slightest idea (or time unfortunately) how to arrange any sort of memorial or party in Adam's honor in the Columbus area, so if anyone wants to arrange something, that would be phenomenal!!

You can contact the funeral home below for tele-contact, or paste the mapquest link into your browser for directions.

9340 Pinecone Dr.
Mentor, OH 44060
(440) 352-8100

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Some of us from out of town are thinking that attending the 24-hour sci-fi marathon would be the best way to arrange a party/memorial/get-together to honor Adam.

It sounds like those of us with access to this blog are going to continue posting. I think Adam would want it. Personally, I felt like we should wait a while. A moment of silence if you will. I figured after the funeral, or maybe at the new year.

Those of you with access, can you E-mail me at, and we can get organized?

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Adam's Sis said...

THANK YOU all for your continued comments and support!

Please excuse any break in the moment of silence on the blog, but I have a moment of time to get on-line....
I am so thankful that there will be a Columbus memorial as well as one in Cleveland. And at Adam's beloved theatre, how perfect.

So many folks have asked about donations or flowers...Pete and I wanted to encourage anyone interested to give $$ to raise awareness/fund research of Marfan Syndrome.

You can find a link to the National Marfan Foundation at
This organization uses nearly 80% of funds raised for programming & research, so we thought it a worthy cause/organization to receive donations in Adam's name.

Once again, THANK YOU for sharing your love of a great brother (in DNA, movies, tech, beer, life...),