Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update from Eve and Kevin.

from Kevin:

I have arranged for there to be a memorial for Adam at his beloved Gateway Theater on Monday, Dec 17th at 6:00pm.

1550 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

Spread the word and the love.

From Eve:

THANK YOU all for your continued comments and support!

Please excuse any break in the moment of silence on the blog, but I have a moment of time to get on-line....
I am so thankful that there will be a Columbus memorial as well as one in Cleveland. And at Adam's beloved theatre, how perfect.

So many folks have asked about donations or flowers...Pete and I wanted to encourage anyone interested to give $$ to raise awareness/fund research of Marfan Syndrome.

You can find a link to the National Marfan Foundation at
This organization uses nearly 80% of funds raised for programming & research, so we thought it a worthy cause/organization to receive donations in Adam's name.

Once again, THANK YOU for sharing your love of a great brother (in DNA, movies, tech, beer, life...),


I'm hoping that I'll be able to publish some pictures/comments from the memorial. And I'm thinking about starting the blog up again soon.

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