Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who is Neil Cumpston Really?

[15:52] Nim-Chimpsky: hey guys... I have a dumb question
[15:52] Nim-Chimpsky: is Neill Cumpston really Patton Oswalt?
[16:17] WritingReviews: Ummmm... I know for sure since I am his editor/publisher.
[16:17] WritingReviews: Neill Cumpston is not Patton Oswalt. He's not anyone but Neill Cumpston.
[16:17] FantasySkank: Um, Mori
[16:18] FantasySkank: when you say Editor/Publisher
[16:18] FantasySkank: do you mean he sends you stuff and you paste it onto a website?
[16:18] *** Mode change "+b *!*ICNJava81@*" for channel by WritingReviews.
[16:18] *** FantasySkank has been kicked from by WritingReviews

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