Saturday, January 05, 2008

seriously, this is getting out of hand...

Spymunkthe13th> So tired.
Spymunkthe13th> Up for 36 hours.
Spymunkthe13th> Can't sleep.
Spymunkthe13th> Insomnia.
Vertov> oh that sucks.
bamf> Alvin marathon?
Spymunkthe13th> bamf, I did watch some of the old cartoons to try to relax.
Spymunkthe13th> bamf, but I have more like, almost clinical insomnia.
Spymunkthe13th> Not just 'can't sleep
Spymunkthe13th> UNABLE to sleep.
Wildcat> eeeh
Spymunkthe13th> The thing a lot of people don't realize is that I was an Alvin nut waaaay before this movie came out. It's only the movie that gave me, literally, the 'courage' to talk about being a huge fan of theirs. I've been collecting the stuff since I was 56.
Spymunkthe13th> Er, 6./
Moriarty> Welcome to Moriarty's World, where sleep is a luxury for other people.
Spymunkthe13th> Mori, lol.
Spymunkthe13th> Mori - I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU!
Spymunkthe13th> :)
bamf> have a little self-love session
bamf> that always puts me out
Spymunkthe13th> What do you think the cartoons were for, bamf?!
Spymunkthe13th> JOKE!
Spymunkthe13th> :)
bamf> ...
Wildcat> ...
Ribbons> @#$

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