Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Mystery of Spykid....revealed!

[10:13pm] Spymunkthe13th: dmann, one of my favorite moments of all time was when I saw a violin street performer doing this amazing riff on Bartok, and I offered him my $10 ... but only if he would switch the tune to "Turkey in the Straw."
[10:13pm] Wildcat: Spymunk, you said you want people to be social. Yet you don't like the idea of people trying to make some small change by being social.
[10:13pm] Spymunkthe13th: Man, the look on his face was worth the $10.
[10:13pm] dmann: youre a dick
[10:13pm] Wildcat: Turkey in the Straw...whoa
[10:13pm] dmann: i mean that
[10:13pm] Spymunkthe13th: I'm joking.
[10:13pm] Spymunkthe13th: I didn't really do that.
[10:13pm] Spymunkthe13th: It's a gag.

[10:14pm] SilentWar: Spymunk, do you do that a lot? Because you're all about the wacky stories. Do you just make shit up in here?
[10:15pm] Wildcat: yeah, spymunk, i'm not sure how to respond. do you actually do these things? or are you just amusing yourself with thoughts.
[10:17pm] Filip: face it. he's not even real. spymunk's just a figment of william gibson's imagination, an AI lost in mIRC.

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