Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2pac lives!

[10:32] MuttWilliams: SW, I might have told you this, but I saw the most surreal celebrity pair on a date in Century City about ten years ago.
[10:32] SilentWar: Nuh uh!
[10:32] SilentWar: Who?
[10:33] MuttWilliams: Tupac Shakur and Arnelle Simpson.
[10:33] SilentWar: What the hell?
[10:33] MuttWilliams: Yeah.
[10:33] MuttWilliams: Tupac and O.J.'s daughter.
[10:35] SilentWar: Weird.
[10:35] MuttWilliams: Blew my mind.
[10:35] SilentWar: Was he all thugged out?
[10:35] SilentWar: Or dressed like a normal guy?
[10:35] MuttWilliams: Ah... he was wearing blue jeans and a sports jersey.
[10:35] SilentWar: Huh.
[10:36] MuttWilliams: This was prior to his death, mind you.

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