Friday, May 09, 2008

[00:12] spymunk> So I now have a character logo!
[00:12] spymunk>[00:12] Tell me what you all think of it?
[00:12] spymunk> I am curious.
[00:12] spymunk> I got a character logo!
[00:12] logan> Deviantart? REALLY? I mean...really?
[00:12] spinach> Will it be a surprise?
[00:13] vertov> oh, our little furry :)
[00:13] @Todd> It doesn't load you tard
[00:13] spymunk> I like Deviant Art!
[00:13] theremin> it's alvin, slathered in vaseline
[00:13] spymunk> Ummmm, no, it's not.
[00:14] spymunk> He doesn't need Vaseline.
[00:14] spymunk> My love is the greatest lubricant there is.
[00:14] vertov> ergh

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