Monday, May 19, 2008

music to his ears

Spymunk> I'm disgusted by the current state of music.
Spymunk> And not in a 'damn you kids!" way.
Toranaga> But damn you kids.
Spymunk> I mean, there's a difference between songs being dumb and songs being willfully evil.
SilentBobX> Get off my lawn you little bastards!
Spymunk> "Get out of my boudoir, you damn chipmunks!"
bamf> if only all music was sped up and raised in pitch
* SilentBobX fires a couple of shots into the air and then at the feet of the intruding teenagers, Hunter Thompson style
bamf> that'd solve all societies woes
Spymunk> bamf - Well, it would, we'd all be too busy fucking to worry.
Spymunk> And I still don't know what the fuck you mean about sped-up and higher-pitched.
* bamf heads to

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