Saturday, May 31, 2008

ruraljuror> so what's the place like?
Vertov> I share a house with a girl near my age, who works as a cook at a hotel in Long Beach
Vertov> single-story place, its in huntington beach, which is nice, there's a park right behind the back yard
ruraljuror> did you know her beforehand?
Vertov> No, I didn't. But she seems friendly and non-crazy, which is a plus.
ruraljuror> lol
ruraljuror> I couldn't have a roommate
ruraljuror> hence the cheap one bedroom :P
Vertov> look on the bright side; its yours, and no one else's.
ruraljuror> except for the elephants who live above me
ruraljuror> and the crazy jazz-at-1am loving woman next door
Vertov> oh, but that's when jazz comes ALIVE
Vertov> that's when it has to be played.
ruraljuror> i thought that was frampton
Vertov> that would be at 2am.
Vertov> after a few cocktails.

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