Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, PETA...

ruraljuror: ... PETA is complaining about TDK
ruraljuror: Apparently Batman should have some sort of anti-dog batgadget
ruraljuror: and not punch the precious little doggies
Moriarty: That's it. I'm going to go next door and punch a dog for real just because PETA bitched about it.
Moriarty: Since they don't know the difference between reality and a movie.
Prangelina: why a dog?
Vertov: Batman did have to fight off some henchdogs, didn't he
ruraljuror: Can we punch them instead?
dmann: what if the dog is a really nice dog
dmann: even worse, what if the dog is a rottweiler!
• Vertov will, to clarify for the record, that he does not personally advocate dog-punching.
Ed: the dogs were going to kill him
dmann: and then the NAASS (north american arm safety society) would be all crazy!
dmann: up in arms, if you will
ruraljuror: lol
Prangelina: i will.
ruraljuror: this is so going on the blog
Vertov: you were waiting to bust out that pun on us
Ed: those dogs may have eaten someone
dmann: those dogs are gonna hate Rorschach
dmann: err Peta
Vegas: I don't care if it's in a movie or not. IF A PITBULL ATTACKS YOU, YOU CAN PUNCH IT.
Vegas: Fuck, if a pitbull attacks me, I will shoot it, stab it, set it on fire and feed it to a trash compactor. THEY'RE FUCKING PITBULLS. They're not fairies.

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