Friday, September 12, 2008

Fleshlight 101

sPinach> What IS a fleshlight anyway. A glowing dildo?
BluLighter> it's like a flashlight
BluLighter> but instead of a flashlight
BluLighter> it's a rubber vagina.
BluLighter> ...
Logan> "COUGHCOUGHCOUGH God, it's times like this I'm pissed Hendrix won't be born for another 12,000 years."
Oost> exactly
sPinach> !!!!
dmann> so its a pocket pussy
Logan> Spinach, you're male right?
sPinach> Aye?
Oost> did cavemen make anoying songs like i can ride a bike with no handlebars
Vertov> I've never heard of that before.
Vertov> I mean, that's kinda strange.
Moriarty ( has joined
Darklord> [Moriarty] "I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me."
* Darklord sets mode: +qo Moriarty Moriarty
sPinach> Yeah, but why is it called a "flesh light". Does it glow?
Bunble> And don't ask, because I have no clue.
BluLighter> it looks like a flashlight
BluLighter> the casing
ruraljuror> because it's shaped like a flashlight
Moriarty> What a comment to walk in on.
ruraljuror> you screw it open, then screw it
Vertov> and why am I learning about this now?
Logan> Yeah, like they said, It's shaped like flashlight to avoid detection. Like an erotic Transformer.
Moriarty> That would have only been better if Spinach's next line was, "And how do I get it out of me?!"
Vertov> I see.
BluLighter> the Decepticunts
Logan> I actually own a Fleshlight. Neat concept but such a bitch to clean I don't use it.
BluLighter> ...
Vertov> you learn something new every day.
Vertov> and this is what I got to learn about today.
* BluLighter immediately regrets typing that
sPinach> Lol
ruraljuror> I thought it was machine washable?
ruraljuror> like, the dishwasher
Vertov> is that what it says on the tag, bamf?
Logan> Dude, do you think I'm going to put spooge in with the dishes I eat off of?
Oost> i nominate deciptcunts as word of 08
ruraljuror> LOL logan
ruraljuror> not at the same time
Logan> Even if it got super clean the idea alone would make it difficult for me.
ruraljuror> ew
Logan> Just imagine, tiny, tiny little Logans all over your spoons.
Vertov> I dunno, Logan.
Vertov> I got lucky once in my car.
Vertov> it doesn't make it strange that I drive in it to work
ruraljuror> hahaha
BluLighter> ...
Vertov> Logan - jesus christ
Vertov> that messes me up

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