Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spymunk becomes roadkill - Mori's last blog appearance?

[22:59] Spymunk> Wow, BENJAMIN BUTTON looks creepier and creepier.
[22:59] Spymunk> And more unpleasant
[22:59] emeraldluxury> Spymunk...everyone says it is very that confuses me
[23:00] Spymunk> Nothing makes me more pissed-off than stories that ultimately state as their moral compass: "Man, he is but helpless shit before life. Endure, slave, suffer and die. Life is pain and death! But if you smile a shit-eating grin, you will be OK!"
[23:00] Spymunk> emerald - it looks like one of those 'people are helpless and must suffer death' movies.
[23:00] @sPinach> spymunk, repeat after me ... It MIGHT not be like that!
[23:00] Spymunk> "Wow, dying is painful - but, ehhh, what'cha gonna do?"
[23:00] emeraldluxury> lol
[23:00] Spymunk> Spin - it will, trust me.
[23:00] Spymunk> You can tell from the trailers.
[23:00] ~Moriarty> It's not.
[23:00] ~Moriarty> But seriously.
[23:00] emeraldluxury> Spin...that it so true
[23:01] Spymunk> Mori - it's ... not?
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Shut the fuck up,
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> Huh?you fucking asshole moron.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> Why am I ... huh?
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> OK.
[23:01] Spymunk> I kinda wanted to talk about it, but ... ok.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Because you're doing your bullshit thing again.
[23:01] Spymunk> Doing what?
[23:01] theremin> As Dianne Weist says..."Don't. Speak."
[23:01] ~Moriarty> But hey, you're smarter than anyone associated with the film.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> And you know all.
[23:01] ruraljuror> Mori, just think... in 3 more days you'll be free of Spy FOREVER
[23:01] Spymunk> ... :(
[23:01] KON> 3 days?
[23:01] * emeraldluxury cries
[23:01] ruraljuror> That's gotta be like Christmas or something
[23:02] theremin> it's all the rest of us that have to deal with him.
[05:02] @sPinach> You need to actually see it, spy. You've already made the prediction, now you need to test it against the actual film.
[05:02] Spymunk> spin - I'm afraid to see it.
[05:02] theremin> I'm afraid to listen to you talk about it
[05:02] ~Moriarty> So don't.
12[05:02] KON> but overjoyed about talking about it, evidently
[05:02] Spymunk> spin - I'm honestly afraid to see it. I'm furious that my grandfather (age 96) is about to die. He's been given a week to live.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> The only person who gives a fuck about hearing your inane rant about it is you.
[05:03] Spymunk> I'm so angry I'm just seething.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> That is NOT what the film says.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> But you've already made up your mind.
[05:03] emeraldluxury> Sounds like he has a long wonderful life
[05:03] ~Moriarty> So fuck hearing your affirm your stupid bullshit.
[05:03] Spymunk> Mori - is it an uplifting story that ultimately says that man should quest to improve himself in the face of mortality?
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Do me the personal favor of not seeing it so I don't have to smash your fucking head in with a rock.
[05:03] emeraldluxury> Stop spy
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Because I don't want to hear your shit.
[05:03] Spymunk> OK
[05:03] Spymunk> OK
[05:03] Spymunk> I'm -sorry, honestly.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> No you're not.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[05:04] theremin> so broken up about your grandfather that you're sitting on the internet annoying people instead of hanging out with him?
[05:04] Strabo> Mori has some anger issues
[05:04] Spymunk> My grandfather is dying, and there's nothing I can do. The fucking idiot doctors have taken off his IV and have recommended hospice, and as far as I'm concerned they're sentencing the man to death.
[05:04] Spymunk> I'm so angry at those doctors, I'm just shaking.
[05:04] emeraldluxury> Ok...guys, stop egging him on
06[05:04] * ~Moriarty sighs.
[05:04] ~Moriarty> So what the fuck does that have to do with a movie you haven't seen, you fucking gimp?
[05:04] ~Moriarty> Nothing.
[05:04] Spymunk> theremin - yes. Because he's in New York, dying.
[05:04] Spymunk> I'm in Oregon.
[05:04] Spymunk> And I can't afford the $900 plane ticket.
[05:04] Spymunk> I have no money.
[05:04] ~Moriarty> And that's David Fincher's fault.
12[05:05] KON> Mori, i hope you're not suggesting Spymunk is wearing tight PVC while typing this stuff
[05:05] theremin> he's ninety-fucking six dude.
[05:05] emeraldluxury> I'm sorry about your grandfather spy
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Remember... David Fincher is killing your grandfather personally.
[05:05] ~Moriarty> So by all means... rant some more about some moral to a film you haven't seen that has nothing to do with the movie itself.
[05:05] emeraldluxury> My dad died at the age of it is hard
[05:05] theremin> David Fincher took out my grandfather's IV and all I got is a movie with Brad Pitt and my seething rage.
03[05:05] * Ribbons is now known as CandyPants
[05:05] Spymunk> Mori - it's the doctors' opinion they should just give up and accept his ultimate death because he's 96 and he "shouldn't suffer."
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Again...
[05:05] ~Moriarty> What the fuck does that have to do with the movie?
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Nothing.
12[05:06] KON> Peter Pan scarred my retinas
[05:06] ~Moriarty> You're ready to rage about this point, so you're using this film you haven't seen.
[05:06] emeraldluxury> lol KON
12[05:06] KON> honestly
[05:06] @CandyPants> Also I hate to point this out Spy but, everybody DOES die
[05:06] Spymunk> And I blame, primarily, fatalistic attitudes for this. Maybe I'm wrong to think that way, but goddamn it, they should keep him on his IV and do evertyhing to try to save his life.
[05:06] @CandyPants> I bet you will too someday
12[05:06] KON> last film i seen as a kid before i got glasses
03[05:06] * Moriarty sets mode: +b *!*ICNJava51@*
12[05:06] KON> do the math
03[05:06] * Spymunk was kicked by Moriarty (WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH THE MOVIE??? NOTHING!!! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! - Invincible - 460)
[05:07] emeraldluxury> heh...he had to get one in before you go mori
[05:07] theremin> and the crowd goes wild.
[05:07] emeraldluxury> I think he loved seeing if he could get you to talk to him
[05:07] ruraljuror> Christmas came early for everyone!
[05:07] ruraljuror> It's a Christmas Miracle!

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