Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Security is going to rough you up a little bit on the way out..."

     Kelofpeace: sorry, but i just cannot wrap my head on what you like about that film.

editor's note, this is the tail end of a thirty minute argument about Transformers. Yes, I realize this was a year and a half after the movie came out.

     Vegas: let me say it for you, yet again.


     Vegas: it's not deep.

Kelofpeace: i always ask folks that and all they can say is robots blowing stuff.

     Vegas: I'm not pretending that there's another reason.

Kelofpeace: Dude, T2 did that way better.

     Vegas: I'm saying that it's because I LIKE TO SEE GIANT ROBOTS BLOW SHIT UP. IN MORE THAN ONE MOVIE.

        Eb: dude that's grounds for kicking already

AICNJava70: Transformers is fucking entertaining but a shit movie

AICNJava70: i love it

        Eb: retarded fucking comparisons

     koogs: is this about which robot is cooler or movie?

        Eb: Transformers - T2

     Vegas: no, this is about Kel being unable to not be a douche.

     koogs: haha

Kelofpeace: I love robots blowing up shit too, but I didn't really feel I got that with Transformers.

     Vegas: He's saying he doesn't see why someone likes the movie, when I'm telling him in the simplest words possible.

Kelofpeace: I felt I got more people blowing up robots.


        Eb: yeah


Kelofpeace: lol

        Eb: wasn't... that your reason??

ScrooLoose: batteries not included is the best robot movie ever

Kelofpeace: Hey, if you love Shia I can buy that.

        Eb: yeah, Vegas likes teh Shia

Kelofpeace: hehe

     koogs: i liked transformers too. the only thing that got me were the couple of sideline stories

        Eb: Shia-wise, Indy 4 was the biggest embarassment

     koogs: but the battle on the freeway was epic

        Eb: John Turturro was the worst thing about Transformers

Kelofpeace: wasn't it just robots skating"?

     koogs: worth the movie right there

        Eb: he gave a wretched, unwatchable performance

     Vegas: that's it.

Kelofpeace: lol

     Vegas: this is annoying.

     Vegas: say goodnight Gracie.

ScrooLoose: his character was not turturro self

*** Kelofpeace has been kicked off channel by Vegas (Vegas)

*** AICNJava1263 ( has joined channel

*** AICNJava1263 is now known as Kelofpeace

Kelofpeace: hey, what I say?

     Vegas: does anyone want to talk about something interesting instead?

Kelofpeace: hmmm

Kelofpeace: so you guys into God of War?

     koogs: liam kicked ass in taken

ScrooLoose: button bashing games are boring

Kelofpeace: hey Vegas if you want me to leave any time just say so, no need for kicking.

     Vegas: I would like you to leave, because you annoy me.

Kelofpeace: really?

     Vegas: yes.

     Vegas: really.

Kelofpeace: well, I wasn't trying to.

     Vegas: I would be happier if you weren't here, whining about Transformers and making fun of people for enjoying it.

            Vegas waits.

Kelofpeace: okay, i will leave. see that film really annoys me, so i know how you feel.

Kelofpeace: laters.

*** Signoff: Kelofpeace (Quit: Kelofpeace)

     Vegas: wow.

     Vegas: that was awesome.

     koogs: nice

ScrooLoose: i'm sure he will join later under a different name

     koogs: that was a cyber escort out

     Vegas: I've never seen that happen before.

     Vegas: it's why I didn't ask...

     koogs: me either

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