Sunday, November 01, 2009

Alarm clock artistic interpretation

Drake-san> I have my loudest alarm clock across the room
Drake-san> so I have to stand up and walk over to turn it off
Drake-san> and if I don't
Drake-san> it goes on for an hour
Todd> Did you ever have one of those baseball clocks?
Todd> It goes off and you have to throw it against the wall for the snooze
Todd> Then you HAVE to get up after the snooze goes off
Drake-san> I saw this one where a helicopter flies around your room
Todd> I couldn't fall asleep with something wizzing around the room
Todd> I'd have a bat nightmare
Drake-san> I actually programmed the robot from Ghost in the Shell (tachikoma) to become my second alarm clock
Drake-san> it is decently loud
RedNivek> baseball clock would be neat except my dog would take it and run
RedNivek> actually, if a light went on i would get up automatically
Todd> heh, but when the snooze alarm went off your dog would greak the fuck out
Todd> er freak
Todd> um, Drake
Todd> What's going on in the lower right corner there
Todd> that looks explicit
Drake-san> in the tahikoma picture?
Todd> yuh
Drake-san> I dont see anything
Todd> It looks like some reverse cowgirl action
Drake-san> Whaaat?
Drake-san> it is a AI robot
Todd> If you say so
RedNivek> looks like one robot fucking another from behind
Drake-san> *an
Todd> See? RedNivek sees it too
RedNivek> its obvious
Drake-san> you guys are just effing with me
Drake-san> my braingrapes
Todd> I'm really not
Drake-san> I dont see anything!
Todd> That's what it looks like
Drake-san> What?!
Drake-san> are you sure you aren't looking at his power unit
Todd> "Power unit"
RedNivek> more twisted japanese sex
Drake-san> uggggghhhhhhh
Todd> The one things legs are spread
Drake-san> no no
Drake-san> it is all 1 machine
Drake-san> the back part is the power/cpu
Drake-san> think of it like a spider
Todd> No way man
Todd> That is one thing fucking another thing
Drake-san> GAHHH!
Todd> be fault or design
Drake-san> no!
Drake-san> geeeehhhhhhhhhuhhhh
Todd> Look at the way the eyes are bugged out
Drake-san> those aren't eyes! necessarily!
RedNivek> a spider getting fucked from behind
Drake-san> no!
Drake-san> it is my alarm clock!
Drake-san> damn you!
Drake-san> :(
RedNivek> that would wake me up too
Todd> It looks like Man-E-Faces fucking Wall-E
RedNivek> itsy bitsy spider... gettin it from behind...
Drake-san> you have ruined my toy forever!
Drake-san> forever spoiled!
Drake-san> I have to cover it with a napkin in shame
RedNivek> ruined? nay.... put into new perspective
Todd> The napkin would be very appropriate
RedNivek> yes, especially when they "wake up"
Drake-san> uggggh
RedNivek> "spidey style"
Drake-san> GAHHHH!! NOOOOooo

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