Sunday, February 06, 2011

The grief game

Eko> darth
DrizztDoUrden> eko
Eko> will you have sex with me?
Eko> good grief
DrizztDoUrden> oh good grief
Eko> YES!
DrizztDoUrden> you got what?
Eko> perfect execution
DrizztDoUrden> nevermind
away> wow
away> That was cool
away> Eko
Eko> i know
Eko> i'm proud of that actually
Anderson> Eko gonna get butt-fucked by Darth
away> You should be
Anderson> and Darth is going to take the worst pictures
Anderson> while doing it
Ribbons> Good grief
Sgtf> OH good grief
DrizztDoUrden> sigh
Anderson> he'll start spazzing and taking pictures of the ceiling
Anderson> a window
Anderson> and his shoes
Anderson> then, Eko won't have a damn thing to remember that magical night
DrizztDoUrden> it's mardi gras on the 8th?!
Eko> shut up
Eko> stop talking
Eko> and stick your cock in my mouth
DrizztDoUrden> for crying out loud
DrizztDoUrden> guess we have an early easter this year

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